Raspberry Pi 2DIN Car Audio Media

This project is special for those who want something special for their car, built by their own hands.
The project is a medium complexity now to start first and see what we need to do this project:

Raspberry Pi

9 inch HD Rear View Parking Monitor Backup Camera

Cigarette Car Charger Micro USB Power Cable

2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse

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Step 1: Install XBian on Raspberry Pi

First Download XBian on MicroSD card ,XBian is a lightweight but complete Debian GNU/Linux distribution designed to run Kodi media center software.

Download the XBian installer from http://www.xbian.org/getxbian/ . There is a version for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Extract the archive and run the installer. On Linux systems, the XBian
installer requires the libQt5widgets library to be installed.

On page one of the installer, select “Raspberry Pi 2.” On page two,
select “XBian Stable rpi2” and select your microSD card device.

Click install. Confirm that it is OK to erase the microSD card. The installer will ask to download Xbian.


Step 2: Put Together All Electronics

To make it easier to install I did a video where you see how each component easier to mount, so watch the video for more information.

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