Raspberry Pi B & B+ Boot SD Card for PROTA OS (HTML5 UI)

Follow this instructable to get your PROTA OS up and running on your Raspberry Pi without pulling too much hair.

NOTE for your understanding

PROTA OS is an alternative, headless-oriented OS for Raspberry Pi for people like me who seek I-just-want-to-plug-and-use. Burning the image, I’d say, is the least attractive part of the stage but once past that, I find myself toying with apps and mingling those to make serial execution of my tasks and choirs when I need it on where I need it. Automation finally smells like roses with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Prepare Your Parts

Quantities and parts

  • 1 Raspberry Pi Model B or B+ (check if it’s not a defect)
  • 1 SD card or microSD card 8GB and over (recommend Samsung EVO UHS Class10 for speed)
  • 1 microUSB type power adapter supporting 5V 2A and over or built for Raspberry Pi
  • 1 LAN cable
  • 1 SD or microSD Memory Card Read for burning image

Step 2: Download the PROTA OS Image

Google your way and find the OS image. You can’t miss it.

If you found the right venue, now it’s matter of your taste. Torrent or ZIP, I know it’s a tough one, but you’ll have to choose one of the two. Download may take awhile, so don’t forget to stop by at Starbucks. There’s a long night waiting ahead of you. If you choose to sit and stare as it download, I mean.

This's the fastest route to download if you prefer to save time.
Where-can-I-download link

Step 3: Burn the OS Image on SD or MicroSD Card

Choose the right burner for your current OS. Depends on your system, you need to pay closer attention to this details unless you know your way around this.

If you’re a Linux or Mac user,

use Terminal and type in the following command line to burn your image.

diskutil list
diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN
dd if=myPartitionImage.dd of=/dev/diskNsP bs=128k


If you’re a Windows user,

use Win32 Disk Imager.

  1. Find the PROTA Pi image and set its path of Image File.
  2. Click Write.
  3. Confirm to execute.

Step 4: Basic 3-step to Run PROTA OS

Now, it’s the moment of truth.

After burning the image, all you have to do is follow the above steps.


NOTE for troubleshooting

Do I need to hook up a mouse and keyboard on Raspberry Pi to control the device?

Connecting HDMI cable from your Raspberry Pi to your display will show you the guide. However, PROTA is a server OS with Web UI for controlling and monitoring your system. Open up a HTML5-supported web browser from one of your smartphones or notebooks and access myprota.me. Make sure your devices and PROTA are on the same network.


If no PROTA shows up on myprota.me, what should I do?

You must make sure your devices and PROTA are on the same network. If you have a multi-tiers of network, check if your devices and PROTA are on different networks. There's also a possibility that Raspberry Pi hardware may have defect in ethernet port or not properly connected. Please double check if this is not the case.


If above isn’t enough, use comments below or leave a thread on the PROTA forum.

Step 5: Finale

Why all the trouble? This’s the payoff.

  1. It’s the kind of apps I can download and install with a single click: Volumio, BitTorrent Sync,
  2. It’s the sort of things I can control: IR machines like TV, AC, fans, or robot vacuums, RF machines like ONOFF power sockets, WiFi machines like Philips Hue, and last but not least GPIO.
  3. It’s the web services I can call with REST APIs: Evernote, Salesforce, Twitters, and much more.

I can inter-program them all like one software but with a mouse or touch all on my Raspberry Pi.



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    21 Discussions


    6 months ago

    Thank you. So my problem was trying to use an SD card that was only 4 GB. Now I am using 32 GB EVO card it seems to be connecting fine.


    1 year ago

    I've burned Prota OS into the SD card but can't seem to boot it up into the monitor? I feel like I'm going crazy trying to configure it out lol The initializing startup Prota page comes out for a few seconds when booted up but then the screen turns black! Tried clicking with cursor and keyboard still nothing happens. Do you have any idea why? I've tried booting the Raspberry Pi with Raspbian before so I know the RPi its definitely working, just can't get it to work with Prota OS :(.

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you for your query.
    After downloading the Prota Image, you will need to burn the image on the SD card.
    Once you finish burning the image on the SD card, you can just plug it in your RPI and follow our guide here http://docs.prota.info/101-prota-pi/ for the "First-time configuration". For this, you can use our Prota Space app either for Android or for IOS.
    Please follow the guide and hopefully you will be able to configure and use your Prota OS.
    If you encounter any more issues regarding this, feel free to contact us anytime.
    Best regards
    Naran Support Team


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi Naran! Thanks for the reply but I'm still facing issues in booting up Prota :( I've followed your Prota guide but when booting it always will only display the Prota logo then the screen turns black. Still can't connect it to Prota Space since it displays black screen only.


    3 years ago

    I've been trying to locate the SD files for a while now. Is there no way to download this other than buying a box?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Please subscribe to Prota Pioneer Membership program and you'll get a download link when its available. We are working hard to release it ASAP!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Is there a new location for the download, or has this project just died? The linked page does not exist anymore, nor do any of the Google links result in a download location.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    We are working on an updated version. Meanwhile you please download from here:

    If you have any troubles with Prota, please submit on http://support.prota.info

    We've been working hard since April 2015 and soon we'll introduce something new. Stay tuned!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    So I can:
    1. "burn" this in an mSD
    2. and power it headless
    3. Connect my phone with it (still headless)
    4. Install bittorrent? with my phone?

    5 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    That's correct. You can install BitTorrent on PROTA from your phone.

    You can sync data across devices like phone, PC, and PROTA.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks kidofone :)

    I tried it now with an spare class 4 8GB mSD...
    ( O.k., o.k. I burrowed/stole it from my S.O.'s mp3 player; but hey; its for a greater cause?! x'S )

    So I threw it on there, plugged it in..
    And it wanted to update?
    I had the image downloaded yesterday.. but o.k. :P
    But now it got stuck...

    It says I need to visit FAQ,
    so I click FAQ in the upper-left-corner...
    No connection...
    So I google... still no success :(

    I hope you have any advice ^-^"

    Thanks in advance!

    p.s. what's the whole 14days about??


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hello xUNMERITEDx,

    I agree some things have to be sacrificed for great cause XD

    Do you mean you had it running and were using it fine until it started updating(the OS) and got stuck and can't get it back on? Do I have it correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    If that's the case, there could be a numerous possibilities.

    1. try burning the OS image. The previous version of image may have been unstable.

    2. there could be a defect on SD card. Try burning on a different SD card.

    3. network may be unstable. I know this can be obvious but please check if your ethernet cable is properly inserted to the network port because some hardware or cables may not firmly hookup to connectors.

    Maybe the FAQ server was down for awhile. I think FAQ is working fine now.

    If any of the above does not work out for you, please let me know :)


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Dear kidofone,

    Thank you for your reply :)

    I mean that it tries to update or something at the 1st run and then it gives me the message.
    I can restart it all I want but it gives me the same message :P

    1. try burning the OS image. The previous version of image may have been unstable.

    - It was the last image available. It still wants to update or something at the first run.

    2. there could be a defect on SD card. Try burning on a different SD card.
    - I tested the card; if it gets messed up it's because it rearranges itself at the 1st run or update.
    (I tested the sd card for its integrity, downloaded the same file again (2hours DL xD ), formatted the mSD to fat32, and used Win32DiskImager)

    network may be unstable.

    - All the other devices work properly on the same network.
    I know this can be obvious but please check if
    your ethernet cable is properly inserted to the network port because
    some hardware or cables may not firmly hookup to connectors.

    - Checked and working (if it was not I wouldn't be able to connect to it in the first place and see the message ;) ) restarted modem and router; did not help.

    FAQ is online again yes ^^
    What is annoying though... You cant select text to copy on that page :P

    Do you have any idea what happens after (the) 14days (trail)??

    Thanks in advance!


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction


    One possibility I think could be shortage of memory on SD card. If you're using 8GB, some models are less in space than others. The image may require some additional space when updating. I'm currently using 16GB UHS from Samsung and it seems to work fine. I would like to recommend trying with a SD card with bigger space. I believe they are working on image file size that can fit into any 8GB or even smaller 4GB and may be applying in the next big release.

    If storage size is not the case, do you have a HDMI cable with you? Please try connecting Raspberry Pi with a monitor. It will provide you a sense of whether PROTA is working or not. If you see black screen or kernel panic, it is likely that the above case is true. If not, sorry to make you troublesome but could you please share with me what you see on the screen?

    As for 14-day-trial, it is user license that the system asks for when trial time of 14 days have passed since the initial time of starting the system. It'll limit apps when the license expires. You can update the license from the store, but maybe personally try sending them an email and maybe you'll receive a license for free, though they may require you to write a review of the product.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice ible, Although, to be honest, I'm more interested in the stand your using lol.