Raspberry Pi Buzzer (Controlled Via Web Browser)

What you'll be building

This tutorial teaches you how to turn an active buzzer that emits a high-frequency sound on and off via the internet.


Raspberry Pi connected to the internetCircuit materials: active buzzer, breadboard, wires

Step 1: Set Up the Circuit

Connect the active buzzer to GPIO pin 4.

Step 2: Install LimitOS on the Raspberry Pi

LimitOS runs alongside your existing operating system, and can be installed via:

curl -sS https://limitos.com/install | bash

Follow the on-screen instructions to register the device afterwards.

Step 3: Set Up the Device on the LimitOS Website

After registering your device, you'll be on the LimitOS website at https://limitos.com . From there, go to your device by clicking "My Devices" and selecting your device. Then add pin 4 as a digital output, and you can then click the "on" or "off" buttons on the website to turn the buzzer on or off.



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