Raspberry Pi Case





Introduction: Raspberry Pi Case

I saw a dvd drive case for the pi and wanted one so I made this.
I'm running xbmc on it.

Step 1:

I use a powered usb hub so I can hook external hard drives and other things like mouse and keyboard.

Step 2:

took hot glue and glued my usb hub and hdmi extension cable up.
I power the pi through usb.

Step 3:

glue in the pi

Step 4:

hook it all up with wifi

Step 5:

all put together. usb hub has a power switch that turns the pi on and off

Step 6:

the dvd face flips up so I can switch out the sd card easy



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    3 Discussions

    Nice ! Where did you found this hdmi extension cable ?

    nothing special its been done before just wanted to show mine. my son just took it to watch movies.