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In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make a basic plexiglass case for the Raspberry Pi Zero. I saw the one on Adafruit's website, but i didn't realize how handy having a case like this would be when i ordered the zero. So, instead of waiting another week for a proper case, I decided to make my own.

Tools Needed:

X-acto knife

Sandpaper/file (to clean up/round edges)

Printer (for the included schematics)

Materials Needed:

Plexiglass scrap (about 3'' x 6'')

4 4-40 x 1/2'' Half round machine screws (brass, in this case, but to each their own)

4 4-40 nuts

Scotch tape (to protect the plexi from scratches)

Step 1: All Things in Order

Using the tape, cover the plexiglass. This will protect the plexi from being scratched. The case is 1.2'' x 2.56'', but I've included 2 files with a layout for the cutouts on the zero, one in PDF and the other in SVG formats. Print it off and attach it to the plexi, then using the xacto knife, score along the lines. Start out with a light cut, then get slightly deeper. After a few cuts, hold the cut line on a flat surface and bend the plexi until it breaks. It should break with a fairly clean edge. Next, stack the pieces together and drill the holes using a 7/64 drill bit. At this point, you could tint the plexi however you want

Step 2: Sand/file/drill to Perfection

I don't have a picture of this step, but you are going to smooth and round the edges to match the contour of the Pi. There is a video on youtube here on how to polish plexiglass edges that does a much better job than I can explain

Step 3: Finish It!

Now you can assemble the case onto the zero. Don't over tighten the screws or you'll damage the board. And there you have it, your own handmade Pi case.

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