Raspberry Pi Customer Satisfaction Survey

Introduction: Raspberry Pi Customer Satisfaction Survey

DISCLAIMER: This project has been developed by students/amateurs and has not been tested completely. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused by following this instructable.

This is how you make a raspberry pi customer satisfaction survey. The raspberry pi has a GPIO or Input & Output to capture the rating of customer to the customer service personnel. This survey only has 5 rating ranging from very poor, poor, average, good, & excellent.

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Step 1: Requirements

To get started you need to acquire some components. Below is a list containing component names

1 unit - Raspberry Pi Ver B

1 set - LCD Monitor, HDMI cable, 5V Adaptor, keyboard, Mouse, Wireless Dongle

1 unit - Breadboard

5 units - Push button (5 rating selection)

1 units - IDE Cable (connect jumper)

10 units - Male to male jumper

Step 2: Wire Up Breadboard

Basically, his system is made up of 16X2 LCD Screen and push buttons. Push button represents each different rating.

Step 3: Source Code

In this system, python source code will be used.

First, we have to made the declaration on pin for LED, pin for 16X2 LCD, and pin for pushbutton as shown in print screen.

Second, we use if else statement to save log if any of the pushbutton is pressed. Print screen number 2 shows that if button with GPIO 26 is pressed. Hence, system will open tempdata.txt text file and it will print the result "excellent" and "thank you". Then, the log is saved with timestamp.

Step 4: Result

The system consists of 5 rating. Once the customer has make the survey. The result will be saved in the log file in .txt format. The log file format is as per print screen above.

Please view this video in Youtube for your further understanding.

Video of Customer Satisfaction Survey

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