Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Mount





Introduction: Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Mount

I was struggling to find a DIN rail mount for my electric beer brewing control panel that uses the Raspberry Pi as the "brains" of the whole operation. I ended up making my own with some left over parts from the control panel build.

Step 1: Parts Needed


(2) DIN rail terminal blocks (like these: http://www.ebrewsupply.com/shop/internal-hardware/terminal-blocks.html?SID=4glv7a7ud28s761ceq12h7t8h5)

(2) 1/8" fine thread screws (I re-used some toggle bolts), I had to cut them down to a little over 1" long

(1) Pi case with mounting holes on the back

Step 2: Steps


Cut the screws so that they are a little over an inch long, or by 1.25" long screws.

Tighten the terminal block so that the screw insert is all the way up.

Insert the screw through the Pi case mounting holes, and tighten in the terminal block screw insert.

Repeat for other side, make sure the rail release is on the same side that that it it easy to remove from the DIN rail if you ever need to.

I hope others find this useful.





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    5 Discussions

    DIN rails are so helpful! Thanks for sharing how they came in handy for you!

    sweet. I had just been thinking about using DIN rail's in my media center at home. This cements it :) I can mount my Pi's in there too :D

    1 reply

    Very cool mount. But I'm reeeeeeeealy interested in your beer brewing control panel that is controlled by the raspberry pi. Do you have that information posted anywhere on the Internet?

    1 reply