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Hi coders ,

I was wandering around to find a way to program Raspberry Pi over USB only . As I am lacking an HDMI cable I searched everywhere and found something useful. And I hope it should be available for everyone and I am presenting it for you , please note that this is a working trick for any of Raspberry Pi models which possess Wi-Fi connectivity.


Step 1: Setting Up Raspberry Pi

I am here using a raspberry pi zero w and this method is suitable for pi zero w . Raspberry Pi Zero W has two micro USB slots. One is only for powering and other for programming .

Step 2: ​ Flashing OS to SD Card

Download RASPBIAN OS . Use any of bootable SD making software like ETCHERor RUFUS and make a bootable SD card with the downloaded image .

Step 3: Editing Files to Make Raspberry Pi Accessible With PuTTY

After reinserting SD card we can see a new device named boot and we need to edit some files before inserting it into Raspberry Pi .

Create a new file in boot name ssh with no extension which will enable SSH in Raspberry PiCreate a file called wpa_supplicant.conf . This is a configuration file that will allow you to pre configure the WiFi credentials. Paste this piece of code


ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


network={ ssid="WIFI_SSID"



key_mgmt=WPA-PSK }

On boot, the Pi will copy and use this as the default configuration file. In the file replace US with your country code and SSID and password with your credentials.

Step 4: Accessing Raspberry Pi Terminal With PuTTY

Insert the SD card to Raspberry Pi and wait to 90 seconds to boot . When Pi boot it will get connected to the Wi-Fi . Here I used my mobile hotspot as a network and connected my Raspberry Pi and my PC to the same hotspot which will make a network . Also it is easy to find out IP address of Raspberry Pi when connecting it to hotspot.

Provide IP address and open and we will get a terminal . Login with username as pi and password raspberry . Once you are logged in you get a terminal which is originally CLI of Raspberry Pi .


In the terminal type sudo raspi-config which gives you the configuration menu . Go to interfacing options of which choose VNC and enable it . Exit the terminal by finishing the process.

Step 6: Accessing Raspberry Pi GUI With VNC

Once you have enabled VNC Server go to VNC Viewer in your PC . Create a new connection by giving IP address of Raspberry Pi and give connection a new name . Invoke the device by double clicking on it , which will give you a login panel . Login with username pi default password raspberry . And here you get the Graphic User Interface. Check the whole thing and Code it out.

Step 7: Thank You



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    Can i ask you something?. What is the magix that you have at the title of the instructable

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    Coders CafeTsartsanis

    Reply 1 year ago

    It's just for making the title short and catchy , inspired by ImageMagick editor in linux . Thanks for your response