Raspberry Pi Zero USB Dongle


Introduction: Raspberry Pi Zero USB Dongle

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I’ve been trying to find ways to make better use of my raspberry pi zero and i think i have found one! turning your raspberry pi zero into a usb dongle and shared internet with your pc!

you can download and 3d print your own usb dongle shell


what you need:

male usb connector

4 wires

some soldering skills

here is the diagram you need to follow to solder the male usb to the raspberry pi zero

Step 1: Config the Sdcard Image

I’m using the latest Raspberry Pi Image called Pixel which you can download here

and load the the image to the sd card. When you are done, located the file config.txt from the Boot drive of the sdcard and insert this at the end


then save the file, and locate the file called cmdline.txt and insert this text right after rootwait


when done, save the file and you can now insert the sdcard into the raspberry pi zero

to access your raspberry pi from your computer, use ssh client and point it to


now you should be all done!



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    1 year ago

    <3 <3 <3


    can the USB OTG connection be used as normal? I want to connect a USB microphone to my pi zero while it is also connected to my laptop.

    1 reply

    no you wouldn't be able to plug anything else in the otg port., running multiple items will require a USB hub on the otg