Raspberry Pi Original Shipping Case Mod


Introduction: Raspberry Pi Original Shipping Case Mod

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Mod the original Raspberry Pi shipping case (from RS) into a usable case with a hand rotary tool.

1. Put your SD card into Rpi and snap the Rpi back into the shipping case. Close the case.
2. Align each external inputs (power supply, HDMI, USB, ethernet, etc) over the appropriate outlet on the outside of the case.
3. Trace the outline of each external input with a scoring tool or pen. Remove the Rpi from the case.
4. Use your hand rotary tool with a cutting bit and a grinding bit to remove the outline on the case until each external input can plug into its outlet.



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    13 Discussions

    I still feel they could of placed a few parts better like hdmi rca and 3,5mm jack on one side and the other sutt on the opersit side of the hdmi etc

    Yeah, that would have been a better board design layout. And it would make it easier to create beautiful enclosure cases instead of the square variety.

    now i have a safe way of running my pi! shweet idea!..
    to bad i have 2 pi's and 1 case..
    i wonder if you can fit the 2 in there :-?

    Hey! I thought of that first! I should get credit... Oh, you actually DID it - ok fair dues...

    Well done!

    mines quite heavy modded now rca removed as rc3 would get red hot and no output lan chip removed so now only 1 usb port gpio pins removed only tall thing left is the 3.5 mm jack and not sure iff ill keep that yet

    Thanks. Yeah, glad I did not throw it in the trash since it stared at me for a couple of months.