Raspberry Pie Soap



Introduction: Raspberry Pie Soap

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Step 1: Materials

Hi! For this instructable you will need:
White soap base
Clear or opaque soap base
A knife
Raspberry fragrance
Vanilla fragrance
Microwaveable containers
Food coloring
Silicone brownie pan
Rubbing alcohol

Step 2: Melting

Melt some of your white soap base on 30 second intervals until it is completely melted. Add some vanilla fragrance and color it with food coloring until it resembles pie crust. Spray your mold with rubbing alcohol and pour in the soap. Let this set up completely before unmolding.

Step 3: A Little More Melting

Now we make raspberries. We melt clear base, scent it with raspberry fragrance and color it a dark pink purple. We pour it in our molds and spray with alcohol. We let it set completely. If you are curious I used red, neon pink, and neon purple for the raspberries.

Step 4: Final Steps

Now we melt a tiny but of white and make the crust. Scent it, color it and set it aside. Put the crust into the mold. Put the raspberry on top, and pour the clear on it. Let it develop a tough skin and pour the melted crust on top in dollops. Spray it all with alcohol and let it set. Unmold and cut it into squares.

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