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Since (as far as I can tell) this hasn't been done yet, I decided to make a Raspberry Pi. Raspberry pie. Raspberry Pi(e).

This model is based on this cover: http://www.shapeways.com/model/486999/

Specially submitted for amandaghassei's Raspberry Pi Challenge.

Make pie crust.
Line a very small, bakeable container (I used a Glasslock container) with the crust.
Fill with raspberries! Or raspberry jam, for a very sweet dessert.
Top with more pie crust.
Bake! It doesn't take very long.
Flip out onto a plate.
Dust with powdered sugar.
Find or make a template for the various ports that a Raspberry Pi has (ethernet, USB, all that jazz).
Test your template onto a plate, using a paintbrush and cocoa powder.
Carefully dust cocoa powder through the template onto the appropriate locations on the pie.
Garnish with raspberry and leaf.


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    delicious, awesome. I was secretly hoping I'd get an entry like this for the contest :)