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Introduction: Raspberry Remote Car

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This instruction will show how to make a remote car: using Local web to control car through Wifi

What will you need:

1. Raspberry

2. Wifi dongle

3. Battery bank (for Rasbperry)

4. Battery bank (for Motor)

5. Gear motor DC 5V

6. H-brigde

7. Toy car

8. A time for programming

Step 1: Install Motor

Buy a new toy car, just a simple one (no electronics insides) which is large enough to install DC motor

Open it, then install motor.

This step will need your creative brain, clever hand to install motor into toy car, as well as making wheel attached stable in motor shaft.

Step 2: Connect Motor to Raspberry

H-brige L298N is used to control 2 motor DC. You can purchase any L298N modules (also search for to know how it works with motor DC)

Raspberry Pi GPIO is used to send control signal to L298N module, then it will rotate wheel.

Step 3: Install Battery

Prepare 2 type of batter for car.

(1) Power bank (black one in picture): choose type 5VDC 10A for Raspberry. As test, it can feed Raspberry more than 8 hours!

(2) Power bank (blue one in picture): this power is used for H-Bridge circuit L298N

It should be used 2 kind of power for safety operation of Rasbperry and motor

After that, install battery in car. Power bank for Rasp is put inside of car, whereas batter for motor is put on car

Step 4: Connect All Together

Now, put Raspberry in car.

Step 5: Programming

an PHP page is used to control GPIO of Rasbperry.

For easy, you just download below code and save all file at /var/www/html

All source code can be download here (Google share)

That's it. Now you can open Local web at address [your.Raspberry.IP.address]/camera.php to control car.

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