Raspberry Pi Zero As USB to HDMI


Introduction: Raspberry Pi Zero As USB to HDMI

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Because of the size and price of the raspberry pi zero it's a perfect tool for taking with you.

As many phones, my phone doesn't have HDMI in his USB port, but it has USB tethering.
I'm going to explain how to use a raspberry pi zero to stream video's from android to your HDMI TV over USB.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Setup Your Raspberry Pi

For installing software on the raspberry pi zero, you'll need an internet connection.

First burn a new Raspbian (Jessie) image to your SD card (4GB or more).

After that connect the Pi to a monitor and connect a keyboard and mouse to it. (Using a usb splitter or logitech nano receiver)

At first boot open terminal and enter

sudo raspi-config

Now select "Expand filesystem" goto finish and choose reboot.

After reboot again open a terminal and enter

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

And press enter. At the end of this file add:

allow-hotplug usb0<br>iface usb0 inet static<br>address<br>netmask

That's it now reboot and connect your phone trough USB.

Now we're going to use our phone as WiFi point over USB tethering. I controlled the pi using a SSH App on my phone.

Connect a USB OTG cable to your raspberry pi and a standard micro USB cable to your phone.
Then on your phone go to settings, under WiFi press "more" choose "tethering" and enable USB tethering.

Now open your ssh app and enter as IP:

Open your ssh session, login and enter:

sudo apt-get install libao-dev avahi-utils libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev libva-dev youtube-dl
wget -O rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb <a href="http://www.vmlite.com/rplay/rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb"> http://www.vmlite.com/rplay/rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb</a>
sudo dpkg -i rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb

That's it.

Now on your phone open your browser and enter

There will be a popup where you need to enter:
Login: admin
password: admin

Now go to the end of the page and add this licence code:


Now your done on your Raspberry Pi Zero

Step 2: Download Airplay App

I haven't found an app which mirrors my android phone completely, but I found an app in which you can now stream video's and music to you Raspberry Pi Zero. (I've noticed, that the app only streams .mp4 files)

App: Allconnect

Install the app, connect your phone by USB to your raspberry pi, enable USB tethering, go to allconnect, press the stream icon on the top (square with arrow) and stream your video's!

I hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to ask questions, suggestions are also welcome.

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    13 Discussions

    Rplay can "emulate" an Apple TV but i think it stopped working at ios 7 when apple figured out people can build cheap apple tvs out of pi zeros...

    Hey I need raspberry pi zero I am from india I aint able to get that any one can help please ??

    1 reply

    I bought it 1 hour after the release, so I was lucky to have one.
    The Raspberry Pi foundation is making about 2000 new Raspberry pi zero's a day, so I think they should be back in stock soon.


    very nice..if someone doesn't like the wire part they can still stream using same app and pi zero on home network via kodi on pi, similar to airplay.

    1 reply

    That's true, than you'll need a. WiFi adapter or a usb to ethernet adapter.


    I ain't spending 20 bucks for a USB to HDMI converter, this is a much better solution!

    Thanks for sharing! - Sam

    1 reply

    very cool and useful feature! Also your so lucky!(you got pi zero☺)

    1 reply