Raspberry Pi Camera Protective Case Ghetto

Introduction: Raspberry Pi Camera Protective Case Ghetto

i made this so that I could play around with the camera until I can get a proper case for it.

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Step 1: You Will Need

Foam i got this from the raspberry pi camera box

something to cut the foam a craft knife would make it easier but can be done with scissors

wire or string i just used a jumper cable and cut the ends off

Step 2: Cut Two Equal Squares

Make sure there bigger than the camera module

Step 3: Cut a Hole in One

you want it big so the camera isn't obstructed by it.

Step 4: Pierce Two Holes and Thread the Wire

I used a paper clip to quickly pierce the holes

Step 5: Thread the Wire

Step 6: Tie the Wire Around the Back

There you have your no cost camera protector

so much customisation options you could use any colour Wire! ;)

Have Fun

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