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A simply Laptop with raspberry pi 3

Step 1: The Suitcase

I used two picture frames, attached with a hinge and I added a handle and closed. Two wood panels to make the top and the bottom. Decorated with colored adesive paper.

Step 2: Video Panel

For the video panel: touch screen of a tablet, portable DVD screen (7 inches) a touch screen controller card, an LCD monitor controller board (50 pin tts output) with HDMI-VGA-COMPOSITE input, a 5volt fan, a switch, buttons of a telecomande.

I do the cutting for the screen, the holes for the fan and the screws, the holes for the buttons of the screen and I fix everything with hot glue. All components use 5 Volt,all system is 5 Volt.

Step 3: The Bottom

In the bottom I placed the raspberry, a power supply of an old laptop (220 volt in and 18.6 volt out 2A with a step down circuit to get 5 volts 3A) a PAM8403 and two speakers powered by 5 volt powerbank , bluetooth keyboard.The case closes perfectly and contains all necessary.With a powerbank 11000mAh the PC works several hours without problems and I can bring with me everywhere.

If you have questions, I'll answer you.

Raspberry can use many and diffrents Os like Lakka,recalbox,retropie(games emulators) or ubuntu mate,raspbian and other for server/media center or daily usage.....you have a choice....have fun and thank you to watch :)



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    Question 9 months ago on Step 3

    I have a RaspPi 3 Mod B, is this what you were using in this build? I have a Minion case i want to do this with, but I am having issues with the wiring interface. I have 2 broken TTD tablets, but can't find the right wiring harness for them. One is a Panasonic 7.0 and the other model QMV78. Any ideas or thoughts to where i can link these up to my Pi? Any help would be awesome...

    1 answer