Ratchet "Hyperflux Armor" Costume PART 2.1: Clank

Introduction: Ratchet "Hyperflux Armor" Costume PART 2.1: Clank

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Clank, more then just a "talking lunch box", is the side-kick in the R&C series.  He is Tails, to Sonic...Samwise, to Frodo...Hooch, to Turner (for the older set).  Though, arguably, Clank is as important to the Universe's survival as Ratchet he spends most of the game series as an accessory comfortably secured to Ratchet's back. 

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the massively popular Hyperflux Armor costume series I have posted....(3500 views is massive, right?)

Originally my intention was to make a light-up Clank backpack to go with my son's Ratchet costume, but I quickly ran out of money and time.  Luckily, about 9 months ago my wife popped out a solution in the form of our daughter.  So, though my daughter is more then an accessory, I decided to make her be Clank.  I'm pretty sure it's what she would want to be anyway.

Step 1: Step Onesies...(ah, I See What You Did There)

I purchased a grey long sleeve onesie.  This represents the bulk of the costume.  Clank is utilitarian robot, and not one for an abundance of "bling", so the decoration was pretty simple.  I prepared a template of Clank's chest plate and printed it out on regular paper.  Next, using a process I found in another ible I overlayed a piece of wax paper and cut the design out with a razor blade.  Then, I positioned the wax paper, wax side down, and ironed it onto the onsie.  This formed my stencil for applying fabric paint.

I fully expect that this will become a treasured family heirloom, so I was careful to apply several layers of dark grey fabric paint with a brush.  After the paint had enough time to dry, but not fully set, I peeled off the stencil.  And Bam!  Bob's your uncle!

Step 2: Head and Eyes (sorry, I Ran Out of Clever)

My daughter is not going to wear a helmet...it just ain't happening.  So, because October 31 is generally when the crappy weather starts in Vegas I decided to make Clanks head out of a knit cap.  I purchased a knit cap from the interwebs that matched the onsie and had a little knot at the top.  Next, using some green felt and fabric glue, I attached some eyes to the brim of the cap.  Finally, I added a red poof ball thing to the top.  (I must credit the employees of Michaels craft store for understanding what I meant by "poof ball" thing when asking what aisle "poof ball things" were in.  Very intuitive.)  All together, once the materials were gathered, this took about 1 hour to make...Taking a picture of my daughter when she wasn't crying or pulling the cap off was the hard part.

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