Rats on a Stick

Introduction: Rats on a Stick

Decades ago this little appetizer was a favorite amongst folks in The Guild who used to wear medieval costumes and eat lots of meat and drink ale and mead and things like that after beating each other mercilessly. We would have banquets and all make food to share. Most of these foods were roasts and turkey legs and meat pies and Cornish game hens, but I wanted to get that real crazy Conan the Barbarian feel, so I invented this silly, but delicious, treat. All it really consists of is Italian sausage with some terriyaki sauce on a wooden skewer, but it looks like the name suggests. It's lots of fun to snack on something that goes by this name on a PVC battlefield, and grunt and growl at your best friends. I'm making some this week for an upcoming reunion, and I'll have some step by step pics during that process to finish out this Instructable properly.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. A half dozen large Italian sausages(choose your version, but I like to go with regular sausages instead of spicy or sweet)

2. A large frying pan

3. Terriyaki sauce

4. Wooden skewers

5. A large tray with lots of paper towels laid down on it(they get greasy)

6. A decent kitchen with knives and a stove and things like that

Step 2: Preparing the "Rats"

Take the sausages and carefully cut them in half lengthwise. This can be difficult, as most sausages are packed so that they only stay together in the casing. But once you have them sliced in half, dip them for a few minutes each in some terriyaki sauce

Step 3: Cook Them

Then, once they are all seasoned, heat up the frying pan on medium heat and fry them up as you would normally do with sausage.
Here's where it gets fun! Because they are only half cased now, they will twist into twirly shapes. Make sure you cook them thoroughly.

Step 4: Drain and Impale Them!

Now take each out and let them drain on the paper towels.
Take each and drive a skewer through the twisty meat snacks.

You now have Rats on a Stick!

Step 5: Presentation

I like to arrange them in a circle on a big round tray, then put them out with appetizers so anyone can just grab one and carry it around and look tough taking a bite and growling at other warriors over a frosty brew.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I haven't had this since I was a kid!

    Except I had real rats.