Rattan Strip Coaster

About: I am a Japanese inventor who is specializing in hairbrushes. I like making things with DIY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PggaysnpVM

Intro: Rattan Strip Coaster

In my past projects, I have made tableware with using rattan strips. This time I made a rattan strip coaster which is very easy to make. You don’t need any machine. All you need is rattan strip and superglue!

Step 1: Roll Up

Roll up a rattan strip. After finished to roll up, keep the shape as it is for 10 minutes to obtain the winding deformation.


Step 2: Re-roll Up

Unfold the roll and re-roll the strip like the picture with using superglue.

Step 3: Rattan Strip Coaster

Now it's ready to use.



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