Rav3n Hawk K'NEX Gun



About: I'm a normal teen that does most of his time hanging out with friends and going to shooting ranges but on my birthday I got a whole box of kenx and ever since that day I have been snaping pieces togather an...

Hello Fellow instructable members I'm back with this awsome kenx gun. It is a very good all around kenx gun.
Why I Made This you ask I will tell you
I'm A officer in a knex war and i'm always stuck with my cruddy single shot pistol (I will put it on soon)
and i dont like the huge under barrel mag so i asked myself why not put the mag on top i started right away building it.
I finished it and this is it

60 ft range
farily large projectile
Nice mag
alomost never jams
very reliable in a knex war
cheak rest
sometimes trigger does not lock in
eats rubber bands if not medium sized



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    Not bad, but how do the sights work if the mag is in the way? But other than that, its a good looking gun.

    P.S. what contest are you entering?

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