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Introduction: Rava/Sooji Banana

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Hi .. Finally I came here with my  first instructable to delight you........
The snack which I have demonstrated is the south indian recipe which can be made within few minutes to surprise your guests and children.. Now its time to get ready to prepare the snack ...... R U READY... now go down

Step 1:

Things you need:
Rava : 1 cup
Water: 1/2 cup
Banana(normal size): 1
Sugar: 1/2 cup
Salt: A pinch

Step 2:

First step : Take the sooji/rava and mix it with the water in a bowl. Keep it aside for 5 min to 10 min.
Note: Don't keep it more than 20 min as it will consume more oil if you do so.

Step 3:

Now the next step is to mix the banana and sugar with that rava.
peel of banana and take the sugar( 1/2 cup or little more according to your need but don't exceed 1 cup) and mix it with rava with LITTLE amount of water
Note: you can smash the banana ... or grind it in the mixer

Step 4:

add a pinch of salt to it and a pinch a cardamom powder for smell

Step 5:

now the batter is ready. Heat the pan and pour the oil. Then pour the batter as a small rounds and wait for the oil to settle down

Step 6:

When it becomes golden brown colour, it's ready to serve. Take it out and serve in a plate with cashews if you wish.

That's it. It's over.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Goes best with peanut and coconut chutney! Lovely!

    Thank you for following me. I got a chance to taste this once, when a south indian colleague of mine brought for us.It was delicious. Voted for you.

    sangee jeevan
    sangee jeevan

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks .... try this and tell me how it was..........