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Introduction: Raven Beak - Wooden Guitar Pick

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I came to this idea since someone mentioned a wooden guitar pick in comments. But my local music shop doesn't sell them, so I decided to make one!

Although the playing isn't so comfortable for me it looks just awesome as pendant! :)

Things you will need:

- piece of wood ( I got mine from an old hanger)
- scalpels, rasper, saw, sandpaper, etc (anything that can cut to wood)
- lacquer
- solder (optional)


It isn't hard to make. Just look at the photos and follow steps

- Make a design of your pick
- start to cut it, make a basic shape
- continue with sculpting it to your desired shape
- make any decorations ( I cut it and then burned it)
- fix it with lacquer

You're finished! :)

Now you can play with it, or just wear it as a necklace 

I hope you like it!  If you have any questions just write me a comment ;)



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    cool idea though you should use a hard wood for something like his that is under stress but as a pendant its fine just hardwood is a bit better strength and longevity wise.

    2 replies

    Yeah, I know, You're right, but I didn't have a piece of hardwood :( But I'm sure I'll make it next time and better :) Anyway thanks for comment!

    Good job, think you did great. You can get a pack of hard wood shims from Lows for a few bucks. Might work for you on your next carving. Keep up the great work.

    Wow, that's cool! I must try to make some pick that's for playing too and not only for decoration :D But I would be a little scare to cut or burn the motif to such a thin wood. Anyway I'm glad you like my project and that it inspired you :)

    Ooh, very nice. Very groovy! This new wooden pick now shows up mine. :P I'm gonna have a go at making one for show, like this, my music shop has since stopped getting in them picks I was telling you about..

    My son plays the bass guitar I most certainly will be making him something very cool to wear as a pick and a couple to play with .I have a few limbs for our apple tree that are perfect for this great idea !!!!! Thanks for the share , love it!!!!!!

    1 reply

    Nice job! Try to get a piece of hardwood next time - in every sawmill there's scrap for free - just be friendly!

    1 reply

    Thanks for advice! :) I live in an apartment and don't have any workshop..so it's little dificult for me to make something like that