Raw Almond Milk

Introduction: Raw Almond Milk

I thought it was about time I shared some of my Vegan recipes and once again inspired by an Instructable competition "The Vegan Challenge". So here to start is a very simple but staple recipe for delicious raw almond milk. This can be used in lots of delicious things but my favourite is a base for so many scrumptious milk shakes.


100g raw almonds

1.5L of filtered water for soaking and rinsing


High powered blender

Milk bag


Glass bottle

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Step 1: Soak the Nuts

It is important to soak the nuts for at least 12 hours to activate them before making the milk. Some, including myself, believe that almonds contain certain phytochemicals that prevent your body from receiving the full benefit of the nutrients they contain. By soaking in water this deactivates the enzyme inhibitors and brings the nut to life allowing your body to gain the full benefit of the nut. See the photo of the unsoaked and soaked nut side by side.

Step 2: Rinse the Nuts

It's vitally important to rinse the nuts very thoroughly once they have been soaked. Don't use the water they have been soaked in to make the milk as it may contain toxins.

Step 3: Blend

Initially blend the soaked almonds in around 500ml of filtered water in a high powered blender for around 1 minute. Then slowly add the remaining litre of filtered water and blend for a few more seconds.

Step 4: Strain

Stretch the nut bag or muslin cloth over the top of a saucepan and pour through the freshly blended milk. I then hang this for a few minutes to drain over the saucepan and then squeeze the pulp that is remaining in the bag to remove all liquid.

Step 5: Bottle

Pour the strained milk into a clean glass bottle and place immediately in the refrigerator. The milk will last for around two days.

Step 6: Pulp

I remove the damp pulp from the nut bag and spread out on a plate to dry. Although most of the nutrients have been extracted in the milk, it seems a real wasted to throw this away. I dry it out to store, as it will go off if left damp. I then use it in bread or as part of home made gluten free flour. Maybe that's another Instructable some time.

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