Raw Cashew Honey Butter

Introduction: Raw Cashew Honey Butter

Raw Cashew Honey Butter is very simple to make, assuming you have the right tools. The ingredients are very simple and are in the title of the delicious creation. I like to put cashew honey butter on bananas, apples, toast, ice cream... heck, I'll even eat it straight with a spoon.

It's important that you use raw cashews and raw honey.

Step 1: Main Ingredients: Raw Cashew + Raw Honey

Well, doesn't get much more simple than that. Pick a raw honey that is single source for an even more unique flavor. Alternatively, you can pick a varietal honey (such as orange blossom, acacia, basswood, clover, buckwheat). The cashews are hard to go wrong with, as long as they raw and fresh.

Step 2: Vitamix or Other Powerful Blender

Next take about a pound of raw cashews and put them in a Vitamix blender. Depending on which model you have, you can turn it from a fixed to variable speed. Flip the blender on and immediately ramp up to the most powerful speed. Continue to force cashews and pieces into the blades. It will get really thick eventually, but at that point you are only half way home! If you feel like your blender is getting overheated, give it a brief break. Continue until the consistency is close to soupy. At this point, add about 3-4 heaping tablespoons of honey, depending on your liking for sweetness.

This will also work in other powerful blenders or food processors.

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    couldn't you just soak the cashews in water for a few hours to make them softer?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I bet this is very tasty. My sister used to keep bees but I never had the opportunity to see the process. I went to peek at your blog and loved all of the information there. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope your bees stay sweet and healthy!