Raw Coconut Piña Colada

Introduction: Raw Coconut Piña Colada

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Making a frozen cocktail can be more fun than a store bought mix.

This is how instructables does Piña Colada.

Step 1: Ingredients

Rum is the alcohol. Traditionally ligh rum.

Pineapple. Frozen illuminates the need to add ice.

Ice. If you are doing pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, or in case the consistency of off.

Sugar. This is a sweet frozen drink.

And of course coconut.

Step 2: Open the Coconut

There are many great instructables for opening up a coconut. If you need extra help check them out.

But basically you still two holes in to it, pour the water into a glass (save for late), and then cleave, saw, or break with a hammer.

Then scoop out the meat.

*There will be a brown skin attached. You can shave this off with a potato peeler. Or just leave it. It won't hurt you or affect the flavor.

Step 3: Blend Coconut

place the meat in a blender with the reserved coconut water.

Blend on high, adding more water as needed to get it to a smooth puree.

Step 4: Strain the Milk

Strain the pulp out of your coconut milk.

I have a great funnel with a strainer built in that I got from a beer making supply store.

This will be thick so do it in batches and use a spatula to extract all of the milk.

*You can also use cheese cloth and squeeze the milk out that way.

Step 5: Blend Together

Blend your milk, pineapple, rum, and sugar, adding ice as you need until desired consistency is reached.

*Amounts is up to you. I was making for four so I used the whole bag of frozen pineapple, two coconuts, and four shots of rum.

Step 6: Garnish

Just because we are at home in our pajamas, doesn't mean we can ad a touch of class to out frozen cocktail.

Thaw one piece of the pineapple and slice halfway through. Place on the rim left he glass.

*also if you want it extra cold or you can add ice to your glass.

Step 7: Enjoy

In a the tub with an exotic bird. Or just, you know, in the couch.



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    Thanks. Did you try it? I'd love to hear how it came out and any variations you did.