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We like to devour the tasteful pulps from a fully ripe jackfruits and discard everything else. But do you know that most parts of a raw unripe jackfruit can be cooked as normal vegetable other than the thorny outer skin?

Here is a simple recipe to make tasty curry from raw unripe jackfruits.

Step 1: Harvest or Buy a Raw Jackfruit

If you have jackfruit tree in your backyard, you can harvest a baby jackfruit or buy one from the vegetable market. A beetle or some insect has damaged the stalk of one of our young baby jackfruit. So I harvested the same to make jackfruit curry.

Step 2: Cut and Remove Thorny Skin

  • Cut the baby jackfruit in half. The fruit contains a sticky sap. Apply oil on your hands and the knife before cutting
  • Using an oiled knife, trim away the thorny skin.
  • Cut the skinned fruit into further small pieces.

Step 3: Remove Center Stalk and Cut Into Cubes

  • The jackfruit contains a center stalk which is not edible.
  • Using the knife remove the center stalk from all the pieces
  • Cut the fruit into small pieces of 3/4 inches in size
  • Wash and clean the cut pieces and drain out the water

Step 4: Add Turmeric Powder and Salt

  • Transfer the cut pieces into cooking vessel
  • Add about two teaspoons of turmeric powder
  • Add salt a little more than required. Most of the salt will be drained out with the water used for boiling
  • Mix everything together

Step 5: Boil the Jackfruit Cubes

  • Add clean water to the vessel so that it submerges all pieces in the vessel
  • Boil the pieces over medium fire.
  • You can cover the vessel with a lid during boiling
  • Check to see if the pieces are completely cooked.

Step 6: Drain Out Water

  • Once the jackfruit pieces are completely cooked and soft to touch, remove from fire.
  • Drain out the excess water using a strainer.
  • Leave the pieces in the strainer for about 15 to 20 minutes so that all excess water drains down.

Step 7: Grated Coconut and Spices

In the meantime grate half a coconut using a coconut grater and keep aside.

Also keep the following spices ready in a small dish

  • Two teaspoons of red chili powder (Add as per your own taste)
  • one and half teaspoons of Cumin seed powder
  • One teaspoon of Fennel seed powder
  • A pinch of Asafoetida powder

Step 8: Tempering

  • Heat a tablespoon of any cooking oil in a frying pan
  • When a oil is hot add a teaspoon of mustard seeds mixed with split black gram lentils
  • When the mustard seeds start cracking, add a bunch of curry leaves

Step 9: Add Spices

  • Now you can add the spices to the hot oil in the pan
  • Mix them well using a ladle till the spices are blended with the oil in the pan.
  • Add the boiled jackfruit pieces to the pan and mix well

    Step 10: Add the Grated Coconut

    • Add the grated coconut to the pan and mix with the jackfruit pieces.
    • Check for salt as some of the salt might have been drained out with water. Add if required
    • Remove from heat and transfer to a serving dish.

    The baby jackfruit curry has an excellent taste. You can eat it with rice, chapaties or bread



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      2 years ago

      Very nice'ible with one small but important itch: the title is misleading. This is cooked jackfruit curry or unripe jackfruit curry.
      If it was uncooked and all in all unprocessed it would be raw.

      1 reply