Raw Mango Onion Hot Salad



There are some varieties of mangos which taste better in raw and semi ripe state especially when made as salads and pickles. This salad is hot, sweet, salty and mildly sour; the combination of mango, onion and pepper becomes so dam tasty and tangy that you would finish it up to the last bite of it and would like to make it again and again.

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Step 1: Make a Tangy Combination of Raw Mango, Onion and Red Pepper

For making the salad, you will need following ingredients.

Raw (green skinned) mangos 2

Red onion 1

Red pepper powder 1 tea spoon

Brown sugar or jaggery 1 table spoon

Salt 1 tea spoon

Cumin powder 1 tea spoon

Turmeric powder 1/2 tea spoon (optional)

Step 2: Method

1. Cut the raw mango in big pieces around the seed so that it is easy to grate the pulp. Now grate the pulp and transfer in a glass bowl.

2. Cut onion into fine pieces and transfer in a glass bowl.

3. Add salt, sugar, pepper and spices, wait for the juices to come out of mango and mix.

Your salad is ready to serve.

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