Ray Gun

ray gun.. still plan to do more too it like a cartridge  the bottom.. I made it out of a old water sprayer that broke on me. . need to do paint touch ups and gloss  but any who take a look! tell me what you think!

Step 1: Paint

step 1 paint. i used black acrylic for the under coat of the metallic paints. use the details that are already there but make it not a water sprayer.. picture under coat and first coat of metallic paint

Step 2: Details

then its the little details that really throw it off like a bits and peices here and there..  like leather

Step 3: Need Gears Right

i like to put gears on last or almost last in this case.. with the third or forth metallic to make it really pop .. now i just have to fix paint where i messed it up at, and i decided to add another leather part over the handle and under the nossle but not down the handle to make the water spray gun disappear even more and at the bottom the adding of a cartridge. a water bottle painted up and screwed in to where the hose would go



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