Razer Blackshark Detachable Cable Mod




This guide will help you to re-purpose the microphone connector to a detachable cable-connector. I did this because I already own a studio-quality microphone and my headphones broke. Note that this WILL make your microphone useless.
The detachable cable-connector should be able to prolong your Blackshark's lifetime by a lot, because the cable can be easily replaced when it breaks.

Step 1: Open Up the Left Speaker

In case you're unsure which speaker I'm talking about, use the one the cable and the microphone attaches to.

First of all, remove the cushions. Afterwards unscrew the 4 screws that hold the green plastic part. Then you will find another 4 screws. When you take these off you should be able to separate the speaker from the headphones.

After opening the speaker, unscrew the chip inside it by removing the 2 screws.

Step 2: Desolder the Attached Cables

You need to remove all wires from the chip inside. To do that you hold a soldering iron to the back-side of the chip (the one the wire is not attached to) and then pull the wires from the front-side. Repeat this for all 6 attached wires.
Beware that Razer used glue on top of the solder. You may want to try to clean up as much as you can from the speaker cables. I suggest using tweezers and some piece of metal for that.

Tip: if you find the original solder hard to melt, just apply a little bit new solder on top of it.

Step 3: Solder the Speaker Cables to Their New Position

In the attached image, in the center of the chip you can see 4 pins coming from the microphone port. We're going to use them to attach the speakers to it. The left & right pin are both ground. You have to solder the copper-colored cables onto them. The order doesn't matter and you can even attach both copper-cables to the same one if you wish to do so. The top pin is used for the colored cable of the left (thin black cable) speaker, while the bottom pin is the cable for the right (thick green cable) speaker.

I suggest you to solder-on the left speaker first, since it is easier to do so. After you soldered all 4 pins, this step is completed.

Tip: if you find the original solder hard to melt, just apply a little bit new solder on top of it.

Step 4: Test & Reassemble

Now you can plug in a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable to test the speakers. If both work, you did everything right and can start reassembling them. If one of the speakers doesn't work, you should re-check your soldered pins to see if they connect to each other and check if the cables in the speakers themselves are working.

After you successfully tested the speakers, you can now re-assemble the headphones. Just make sure not to attach the original green wire again, since it won't work anymore. Follow step 1 in reverse direction for re-assembly instructions.



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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!