Razer Scooter - Replace Batteries and Repair Throttle

Introduction: Razer Scooter - Replace Batteries and Repair Throttle

This is a guide on how to replace the batteries and fix the throttles on a Razor Scooter. It's a fairly simple project and this guide will walk you through.


-Razor Scooter Batteries

-Soldering Iron

-Phillips Screwdriver

-Alan Wrenches

-Wire Strippers

-Volt Meter

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Step 1: Take It Apart.

Once you're ready to start working on it and you've figured that the issue is in fact the battery or something internal, take it apart.

Step 2: Unsolder and Solder

Unsolder the leads from the old batteries if you don't have them on your fresh batteries and solder them to your new ones. Once you are done, you can put them into your scooter and test to see if it works.`

Step 3: Charge the Batteries

If you think you need more juice, charge the batteries of the scooter.

Step 4: Test the Motors

See if it works! If not, try some troubleshooting. We've had to fix it a few times because the leads were not exactly soldered properly and we had to hot glue it just make sure. Whatever the issue may be, figure out the problem and try to fix it.

Step 5: Put It All Back Together

Okay, so this image doesn't exactly show that the scooter is put together, but if everything is up and running you can put it back together and enjoy your scooter!

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    3 years ago

    Great information on how to fix these! Thanks for sharing!