Razor Orochie Mouse Tacticle Button Mod

Introduction: Razor Orochie Mouse Tacticle Button Mod

Make A Good Mouse Even Better!


I have to admit, I have a little mouse fetish. I've probably owned about 30 of them in my time and I can't resist a clever design. I purchased a Razor Orochie portable gaming mouse as it was the same size as my trusty Logitech Nano mouse. But was bluetooth and a really nice looking and comfortable mouse.

However, I found that the side thumb buttons did not have enough tacticle feel to them. They were too flat and close together and I couldnt really get a good feel for where they were to one another.

Since they are not gonna make new molds at the factory for the buttons, we may as well modify them ourselves, how you ask? with sticky jewlery beads.

I picked these up at a dollar store, They come in all sizes and shapes and have a sticky underside for you to put it on stuff. You may even already have some at home if you have little girls or have someone that makes crafts.

It's an insanely simple mod but makes such a difference, and it works on all kinds of different mice that may have this problem.

Just choose a size of bead that will nicely fity on your button. The buttons on this mouse are real thin so I had to use the smallest ones. They didn't have any in black where I went so I opted for green. What can I say, I just pimped out my mouse : )

But more importantly, I made the butons much more responsive and so easy to engage. I never accidently hit the wrong button.


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