Razor Holder


Introduction: Razor Holder

Tired of looking for the razor, I started looking for a cheap and easy way to keep it next to the foam.
First ideas came with magnets tied some way to the razor, but implied modifications on each new razor.
Finally I found this simple and cost effective solution, and the cap should fit to any new foam bottle

What is needed:
* 1 x nylon  tie
* 1 x O-ring (big enought for your razor)

Under 1Eur/1USD

Step 1:
* Drill on the cap two vertical holes with a heated screwdriver tip

Step 2:
* Insert the flange, keeping the head of the tie inside the cap  and the o-ring outside

Improved version:
* Add colour o-rings if more family members use the same foam

We are done. Enjoy finding your razor everyday in the same place.



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    excellent stuff - simple solution to something that drives my wife crazy.