Rc Star Wars X Wing From Foam Board

I am going to show you how to make a rc foam board rc x wing to build it has optional rc but it can be decor or a chuck glider or a rocket I am only showing you the basics to get it to fly no fancy body work I am not showing you how to make it rc because I don't know what parts you have

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

1 glue gun
2 exacto knife
3 table


1 3 sheets of foam board
2 popsicle sticks
3 BBQ skewers
4 tape

Step 2: Make Frame

Glue skewers and sticks like this

Step 3: Step 3

Make this now

Step 4: Step 4

Next do this

Step 5: Step 5

Add this to very end

Step 6: Step 6

It should look like this

Step 7: Step 7

Add foam to bottom

Step 8: Step 8

Add side wall

Step 9: Step 9

Add other wall

Step 10: Step 10

Make wing

Step 11: Step 11

Attach wing to bottom it has to be flat to make lift

Step 12: Step 12

Add top wing use stick and bend it it makes no lift for decoration

Step 13: Step 13 Optional

Add canard if going to fly

Step 14: You Are Done Happy Flyin

Please vote for this

Thanks for reading and building thhis model I may do an Instructable on moterasation

Bye for now

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    2 years ago


    Vary nice and butter the same problem servo motor mount for this plane

    2 replies
    Surfers saidSharif1343

    Reply 2 years ago

    I actually dod make a flying one but I'm not done the instructions yet how I did it is make the ailerons on the back and elevator on the front (canard) I put the prop on the back thanks for looking


    2 years ago

    Thiis is a neat cost effective way to make one :)