Rc Medabot

Intro: Rc Medabot

in this inscrutable i am going to show you how to make a medabot if you haven't watch it go to youtube awsome! right=) so lets begin

Step 1: Parts

you whil need

a battle ar senser

a robosapen

a lot of cardboard

tape and a craft nighf

Step 2: Arms

take a rectangle peac of card and roll it up and tape it on to the robosapen and cut a smaler rectangle oubut as big a you index finger and roll it up this will be the baroll for the arem canon

Step 3: Sholder Pads

now take a squwer peace and fold as shone make two

Step 4: The Amro

make a rectangle and strapit to the chest of the robosapen now get a neter rectangle and cut it in harph and strap it to the sids of the torso

Step 5: The Head

cut out the shapes abuve and stic them to gether like in the pic and put it on

Step 6: Wepons and Remots

it looks cool but it whod be awsoum now get the battel laser ar senser and put it in the gun and get the remots of the robosapeon and the battle ar laser and fit them to gether



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