Re-Grip Gaming Controllers

Joysticks of any video game controller take a great beating with use, over time the essential joystick becomes slippery and difficult to maneuver. With this instructable I will show you how to restore grip to the joystick for about $3.00... This is my first instructable so if I most any points feel free to let me know. Thanks, Anthony

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is gorilla glue and dremel sanding discs, you can buy them at any hardware store... Product is seen sanding disc No. 411

Step 2: Apply Gorilla Glue

Apply gorilla glue to the concave in your joystick, fill until the glue is almost level with the outer rim of the joystick.

Step 3: Place Sanding Discs

Allow the glue to settle than gently place the pads to the saturated area... Make sure the disc is centered! : D

Step 4: Allow to Dry and Game On!

Give the glue a good 10 minutes to dry, when dried properly the grips will never move or peel I really love this replacement and think its even better than the original grip... Happy gaming!



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    5 years ago

    easier way is to put gorilla glue on it and then your thumb, that gives you even more grip