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Today's phone has gone too far from its term. Phone is supposed to be related to sound. Tele-phone is transfering sound to somewhere far away. Now we see smartphone has the ability of texting, computing, surfing the net, taking pictures, and many more. Well, that is really practical and fun. We can do a lot of things in the size of a palm. But we have gone too far from the term "phone".

When I see the Phone Contest asking "how would you #rethinkphone?" This is what I think : Back to Sound.

  • A light small device. Mini or micro or as small as possible.
  • Attached above ear or stickable to the skin near ear. [Not in-ear; it should not block the normal hearing of the surrounding. Should feel like we are wearing nothing.]
  • Self-charging power. Could it be from solar power, the skin movement, or molecules of the air. We know that we can turn movement into power, then we only need to work harder to turn very small movement into useable power :)
  • Projecting touchable keypad for dialing numbers or full keyboard for saving contacts in the air. We will no longer need this when we have developed a perfect voice recognition. Everything is voice/sound activated then. Instead it will project a photo of the person we are dialing to avoid wrong person with same name in contacts. Also the ability to project information screen and keyboard separately. When I am in the crowd, it projects the information screen on my glasses and keypad/keyboard on my palm or anywhere I want.
  • We don't need large memories on device to keep it micro. Everything is connected to the cloud system so all you need is storing your identity in it.
  • Use Voice Message Service instead of short message service.

Then I wake up. This is August 28th, 2015 and I am 37 years old. Will I see this kind of gadget arrives on my table one day? Keep dreaming... keep thinking...

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Step 1: The Time Is Near ...

These readings will show you that my imaginative phone is not impossible. Only that phone's development is heading the other way : camera, texting, social media, etc. It is growing into an all-in-one gadget that we should no longer call it "phone".

Stickable to the skin : Scientists have been learning how a gecko can hang on the vertical wall or even on the ceiling [read : Geckos' Sticky Secret]. Meanwhile we can develop a very convenience ear hook until the gecko's stick is applicable. Voice Activity Detection -- which is implemented in Jawbone® bluetooth headsets -- will work best in partner with this.

Convert motion into power : Learn from Seiko Kinetic technology and combine it with low power GSM and smart phone's Deep Sleep technique we can eliminate the "Charge-Your-Device" ritual.

Projecting : we can start from virtual keyboard projector, then we make it smaller and lower in power consumption and multiply it.

Cloud System and Voice Messaging are already there.

So my vision is to put it back on its name - "phone" - where it should handle voice instead of text or any other things. People will have phones stick near their ears and "smart devices" on their palms or in their pockets which we call smart phones, tablets or laptops today.

Imagination is your limit...
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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, actually I think this kind of technology will be done within 2 to 5 years, but I have to wait few years more for it to be affordable hahaha...

    All those things I mentioned are already there :

    Stickable to the skin : Scientists have been learning Gecko's feet [read here]. Otherwise we can develop a very convenience ear hook for the moment. Voice Activity Detection [read here] -- which is implemented in Jawbone bluetooth headsets -- will work best in partner with this.

    Convert motion into power : Learn from Seiko Kinetic [read here]. Combine it with low power GSM and smart phone Deep Sleep technology we can eliminate the "Charge-Your-Device" ritual.

    Projecting/multi-projecting : we can start from here [read here] to make it smaller and lower in power consumption.

    Cloud System and Voice Messaging are already there.

    Text Messaging, Social Media and internet will be featured in a tablet, that is another device apart from a phone : a sound device ^_^

    I was in a hurry when I published this instructable, this information should be included in it. I will edit later. For now, I will Feature this comment as an update :D


    4 years ago

    This is an interesting concept, but I think it misses the reason smartphones exist. As technology becomes more and more powerful, it has the capacity to do more and more in a smaller package. It used to be if you wanted to play any 'real' games on something mobile, you'd need portable console like a gameboy. But now today's cell phones are so powerful that they can play gMez themselves. This means instead of buying 200 dollar phone and 200 dollar gaming system, you can buy a 200 dollar cell phone that plays games. And surfs the internet. And let's you type documents. Ect.

    What I'm getting at is that going backwards, stripping a phone of its capabilities, is not going to have any traction. Think of the pager. It sent text messages and that's all it did. Then cell phones started doing that too, and the pager died. Why? Because the cellphone could do both. Making a phone that is only capable of talk and maybe text with talk-to-text, is the equivalent of suggesting we should all pick up pagers to start texting again.

    That said, there are some really neat ideas in here. Particularly the idea of using simulated gecko stickyness to hold something to the skin.

    I will say I'm not a fan of cloud storage. I want my data where I can mess with it at all times. And you just can't with cloud storage. If your data signal is low you won't have access. If you have a service like version that might not be much of a problem but for people like me with tmobil or sprint, we can't access the internet (and therefore the cloud) all the time.

    (As a small bit of irony, I suppose, I'm writing this on my cell phone. :P)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Exactly what I describe in this topic. The first time I read "re-think of phone", well.. reclaim its name. Phone is something to do with transfering sound.
    Today's smartphone, of course I LOVE IT. Powerful. Compact size.
    Just imagine that your bluetooth headset is what we call a "phone" and your smartphone should be called "all-in-one-gadget" (computing+gaming+reading+surfing+organizer+etc) and they can sync each other.
    Sometimes I just want to leave my all-in-one-gadget at home and bring only my phone to make or receive important calls, because when my all-in-one-gadget is around I just can't stop gaming or surfing the net and I can't focus on any other thing but my gadget :D
    Anyway, it is just about taming our own habit :D


    4 years ago

    Thank you :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Neat ideas!

    I definitely think we'll be seeing these kinds of features some day. Fun to consider!