Re Configurable Router Using NOC

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This the picture of what i had to implement using Verilog and the software i used is Modelsim 6.5 and Xilinx

A concerning paper is published in IEEE with name Re-configurable Router for low power and high performance.

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Step 1: First Step

Create FIFO memory

Step 2: Local Channel

Create local channel

Step 3: East Channel

Create the east channel

Step 4: West Channel

Create West Channel

Step 5: North Channel

Create the north channel

Step 6: South Channel

Create the south channel

Step 7: Multiplexer

Multiplexer with 4 input and one output

Step 8: Final Network

create the final system of the proposed router and given is shown

Step 9: Simulation

Data is given at west channel first 4 data is out west channel next four at north channel and next two data at south channel

Step 10: Xilinx Result

Verified each connection is individual and working fine

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