Re-creating Art




Introduction: Re-creating Art

Browsing paper art in google a came across, an amazing paper sculpture by Eric Standley ( you can just google his name + paper + scuplture ).

I wanted to re-create it. the process wasnt that simple. since i had few picture on the web to start from.

Step 1: Drawing the Pattern

I used the original picture as a template, and used illustrator to draw lines and shapes.

i am attaching the illusttaor vector file here.

Step 2: Cutting the Pattern

i got access to the laser cutter in my friends school. Then i was able to cut the patterns on paper scheets. all in all i had to use 130 layers.

my design files will be uploaded here.

Step 3: Getting the Shape Together

I started putting the layers on each other, just to have an idea on how everything is going to be, and have an idea on what colors i can choose.

Step 4: Glue and Color Everything

Once i had an idea about how the shape is going to be, i alternate coloring the layers and glue them together.

Step 5: The Finished Pattern

and this is how my pattern is looking once finished. I hope someone get inspired :)

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35 Discussions

Could you please share the entire design file?

GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB, this is beautiful; i glad you are good enough to share with us, but, art should never be hidden

Beautiful! Very nicely done and organize! I love the various colors you used, they really compliment the pattern(s) you created. Unbelievable this is made most from cardboard....

This is so cool!

What kind of paper did you use?

130 layers! -- Your dedication is admirable, and your execution even more so. Nice job!

Will work perfect if transformed into a paper ring

Can't wait to get the PDF and try it with paper!!

1 reply

2 years ago

Great! Wanna share the layers file? ;)

1 reply

i will share the source files, as soon as i get my computer back.

That's incredible! Great work.