Re-furbish the Deck of an Old Swing Set

Introduction: Re-furbish the Deck of an Old Swing Set

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This is a minor instruct'ible. Frankly, (thus-far) this is the largest carpentry job I've ever done. These large-scale fort-type swing sets (or 'jungle gyms' if you prefer) have been around for a good while now, and can be purchased at home improvement stores, etc. They usually take several days to put together.

This used set was given to us a few weeks ago. We reduced it down to about 3 giant components, loaded it onto a big flatbed trailer and moved it to my house.

From end-to-end....this one measures about 16 feet long (including the monkey bars/swing section --not pictured here).

What you'll see here is the main 'deck' of the swing set. Notice how there's a mixture of old/new boards. I did this (of course) to save money!

Step 1: Just Do It!!

So, what you see on the top photo is a cluster of 3 1x4's[that one in the center isn't as misaligned as it appears in the photo)......each measuring 56-inches in length. As I obviously tried to salvage a few of the old boards (to save money), I actually had to rip a tiny bit along the length of a few of the boards (see comment below).

The 2nd photo of a kind of 'in progress' photo early in the job. When you mix the leaving of old and the adding of new boards on something like this, something is SURE to not match, break out the table saw!

Step 2: That's So Random!

I tossed in a couple of these photos for general review........but, notice that the deck is complete! Lots of screws and patience is all it takes.

Here're a couple more shots......#'s 2 and 3 here are the in-progress shots of me re-building the mini rock wall (yes, I need to add some more boards).

So, just a few minor bits or restoration INSPIRAtion!!! Thus far, I've only got about $45 into this whole business!

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