Re-painting Toy Guns

Introduction: Re-painting Toy Guns

About: Im from The Netherlands and I love to cosplay. So i decided to share my work and make tutorials. I hope you'll find them useful

In this tutorial I'll show you how you can transform your cheap toy guns into more realistic and weathered weapons. I made this for a convention so I had to keep the orange ring, but you can always paint those too for a more realistic look. It's super easy, fast and cheap. I also made a video you could watch

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Step 1: Supplies

You'll need:

  • A toy gun:
    you can use this method on any toy gun you want.
  • some masking tape
    or anything to cover the orange ring with if you make this for a convention
  • black and silver (or chrome, both will work) spray paint (I also suggest using a matte black)
  • a sponge with a rough side (I forgot to take a photo of it but it's neccesary)
  • and optional: a knife or some sanding paper to make scratches.

Step 2: Spray Paint

it's time to paint the gun black, I suggest doing this outside. Because I was going for the weathered look I didn't prime or prepare the plastic at all and just went ahead and spray painted the whole thing black. I waited for it to dry and then gave it one more coat. So two coats on each side. Again for a weathered look it doesn't have to be fully black everywhere.

Step 3: Making Scratches

Now it's time to use the sponge. Spray some chrome or silver spray paint on a piece of paper and dab the rough side of the sponge in the paint and smear it out a bit. It's important that there isn't too much paint on the sponge. You kind of want that same effect as painting with a dry and almost empty brush. Take your toy gun and slighty brush along the edges with the sponge, once you feel that there is almost no paint left you could carefully brush over the gun to create some scratches. Repeat this for the entire gun. It is up to you to decide how weathered and damaged you want the gun to be. I made it pretty damaged. Let it dry and do the other side and you are done! LEt me know if you thought it was helpfull and share a photo if you made it!

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