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I recently decided to put a new grille on my truck since my old grille was starting to peel and had a couple of cracks.  My current apartment doesn't allow much room for storage so I have  to manage our space the best as possible.  I recently purchased a new Craftsman wrench set and really don't have a lot of room to store them but they are a must have  tool to keep around so I came up with a way to store them while not spending a lot of money...if any.

Basically I am using the hex shaped grill insert to create a backing to store my tools on with a little human ingenuity.  

Step 1: Remove Grille Insert

This step is simple, all you need to do is disassemble the plastic hex grille insert from the plastic chrome body.  I used a large straight head screwdriver to pop all the little plastic clips that were holding it in place.

Step 2: Making the Holding Hooks

I used some nails I had lying around to create a clip/hook that I could use to hold my wrench set.  I used a set of arc joint pliers as well as a set of needle nose pliers to bend the nails so that they could clip and hold onto the hex grille insert and also hold the wrenches.  

This process took me a little bit of time but I just put on some King of the Hill and started bending nails.

Make sure that you find a nail that is long enough to be bent and still have enough surface area to hold your tools up.  You may also want to do a few different bends to find out which way is the strongest.  

Step 3: Insert Hooks

Now that you have made your hooks it is time to decide on a layout.  I tried a couple of different ways but actually ended up liking the plain straight across look.  

All you have to do is hook the u-shaped bend of your nail over one of the hex shaped plastic designs and you have a hook that will hold your tools. Make sure that the u-shape is a little tough to get over the plastic so you know that it will hold your tools up and have some strength to it.

Step 4: Finish It Up and Put It to Use

Now all you have to do is finish it up and decide on where you want to put it.

I built a table for my scroll saw a couple of weeks ago and I think it was the perfect place to store my tools. 

I just need to dremel off the excess plastic pieces that are visible and not being used and then it will be finished.



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    Thanks...I tried to keep it simple, sometimes when you over think things you can easily over complicate them as well.


    Very true. We have a pegboard setup in our tool closet, but it really needs replacement - the hooks we rigged up are very similar to yours, though. We used metal rod (we were gifted with about 200-250 6' sections of 3/32" rod) bent into L's, but I like the nails. I guess for smaller tools you could use a nail with a broader head to stop slides.


    200-250 geesh, hit the jackpot huh lol...I really wasn't sure how I wanted to make hooks and for what I had lying around the house that was about all I had that could work. I forgot to mention I am a poor college student so using materials I already have is a big plus haha. With that many sections of metal rod you could really make some nice shelving. I have realized that its not only important to have the tools but a place to put them...I have never been a clean freak but there is just something about a working on a cluttered space that goes straight through me lol


    Agreed - I just spent a few days re-cleaning my whole workspace so I could do "work" again. I'd like to make some more shelves, but we have so many that are filled, I think getting rid of some tools first might be the better choice... I'm also a poor college student, by the way. I just tend to salvage a lot of materials from friends and family - I'm planning a magnetic tool rack to hold screwdrivers and such small, light tools from old HDD magnets. It'll get my drivers out of the Styrofoam I've stuck them all in for the time being...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    magnetized tools drive me nuts! I actually have an electric de-gausser plate in my shop to demagnetize them. This is my screwdriver holder:

    I also can't stand having to fish screwdrivers out of holes.

    Rich editor seems broken to me at the moment sorry about the text URL there.