Re-purposed Earnings




Introduction: Re-purposed Earnings

If you have ever seen some nice beads or buttons in a store or just wanted a new pair of earrings without the cost, here's how.

Step 1: Materials

- hot glue gun

- scissors

- 2x beads/ buttons

- old pair of stud earrings

- 10 minutes

Step 2: Back of the Earrings

Get the pair of old studs and cut off the back of them with the scissors, make sure to hold te back so you don't loose it (took me 20 minutes to find it).

Step 3: Glue the Back on

Get your hot glue gun, or any type of high strength glue, and put a small drop of the back of the bead/button and place the studs back into the glue and hold it there for approx. 1 minute or until stable

Step 4: Finished

You can clean up the glue to make it neater but it's not necessary. You now have a set of earrings that costed you $3 to make but look like they costed you $50, depending on the type of bead/button, and no one will have those exact earrings. If you need a pair of earrings fast to match an outfit this is the simple way to do it.

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