Re-usable E-cig Cartomizer




Quick an easy way to re use e-cig cartridges

Things needed
1. E-cig with cartridge
2. small tool such as dental instrument or end of paper clip
3. Juice of choice

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Step 1: Remove Top Cap

Take the Cartomizer and use your small tool and remove the top cap of the cartridge

Step 2: Add Juice

Pick your juice of choice and squeeze a couple of drops into the cotton inside
Put the top cap back on and screw onto your battery

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The blu brand carts work


    4 years ago

    So its a ecig cart screwed on a 510 thread batt? Didnt know you could do that! Deffo an excuse to buy carts now.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    unfortunately some ecigs have the threads swapped over on the battery and

    Cartomizer so u are unable to screw it into another battery since they both have the same fitting, but the refill part just pops on and off an cu can just drip some new juice in if its empty :) unfortunately the ecig i got was rubbish and barley gives any vape as opposed to the freakshow mini with smplr mod i use nowadays