Re-usable Notebook Papers



Introduction: Re-usable Notebook Papers

Hello everyone, I am Federico from Argentina!

I am sure that sometimes you have a mountain of sheets of papers in your desk waiting for nothing.

This thing I invented will enable you to build a new notebook using the blank side of those sheets.

It´s so simple but it worked fine for me and I wanted to share it!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Please feel free to ask me whatever you want or suggest any improvement

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Step 1: Prepare the Sheets of Paper

You will be able to include up to 18cm of paper.

The quantity of sheets will depend on the thickness of them so I cannot give you a number.

I used more than 100 pcs and it worked fine.

Step 2: Print the Objects

You just have to print 3 pieces attached here.

Attached you will find the .STL files, print them as you want,

In future versions I will include a pencil holder, supporting back and any suggestion you make!

Step 3: Assembly the Notebook

Now you have to assembly the notebook and make sure that screws are doing the enough pressure in order to hold the sheets of paper firmly.

That´s all! Simple & useful!

Thank you for reading!!

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