Re-using Old Trampoline to Garden Archway.




Introduction: Re-using Old Trampoline to Garden Archway.

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We had old trampoline frame, all other parts from it we're broken or missing. I decided to re-use it, and finally got simple but "neat" idea.

In this stage it doesnt't look anything great, but if you imagine some vines climping on it, planter boxes, wooden deck and a chair under it.. :)

Its still winter here, so it takes couple months before there's anything growing.

Basic idea is very simple.

You don't need nothing more than a tool for cutting, drill, bolts and nuts.

I used reciprocating saw for cutting. Just wanted to try how it works, and i think it worked very well.

Of course shortening tubes can be done using whatever tool you like.

Parts can be weld together too, but i wanted to keep possibility to easily dissassemble it if i want to.

My frame was with 4.80m radius, so it was possible to make quite high curve with it, i ended to lower it a little.

Video in the last step shows the process:

Step 1: Connecting..

I started by assembling the frame first.

Connected the support pillars to the curved parts with bolts.

I just drilled hole trough and tightened them together.

Step 2: Feets..

For cutting parts i used reciprocating saw.

To mark the cutting line straight, i used A4 paper and a marker. Just wrapped paper around the tube, and when paper edge is straight, you can draw straight line to the tube, by following the edge of the paper.

I made new feets for the curve from old trampoline feets.

Step 3: Assembling..

When everything was cut, i measured parts to the right lin / height and connected all remaining parts together with bolts.

It depends much from the frames original structure how many bolts you need / connection. Result is sturdier if you use two bolts side by side / connection in both curves.

Finally i cut off extra from the bolts.

Trampoline had 4 legs, so i used remaining two for making horizontal supports.

When weather gets little warmer, i paint the frame with more natural colour, and build some planter boxes to it.

It has plenty of options for hanging plants.

My goal is that after 6 months from now, i can update this instructable with a pictures from me sitting in a bench under my very own "green sky". :)

Video shows the whole process:

Thanks for checking this out.

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    creative! I like it.