How to Re-use an Advent Calender to Make More Chocolates!




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Helloooo! This is a simple guide to a funky way of using old advent calenders.You'll need:

1. About 180-250 grams chocolate, Cadbury is best to use (DUH!).
2. An old (cardboard) advent calender.

Step 1: Melting the Chocolate

Break your chocolate into small pieces. Put in a microve and nuke for about 35 secs. Add more time if needed .Pour the melted chocolate into a snaplock bag. Seal it.

Step 2: Creating Your Chocolates

Take the cardboard/paper shell off the advent calender so all you're left with is the plastic part where you pop out the chocolates.
Take the chocolate filled bag and cut a tiny hole in a bottom corner. Pipe the chocolate into the holes where the old chocolates were.
Place in the fridge and allow to harden before eating.



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    3 years ago

    yes i do it after year