Re-vamping My Guitar




I bought a new lovely-to-play  half sized classical guitar but found it was very boring- looking so i decided to give it a glamorous facelift.


Step 1: Preparing the Surface

I took off the guitar strings and removed the machine heads with a screwdriver.  I then sanded down the highly lacquered surface to make a 'key' so the new paint would stay on then used vinegar on cotton wool to remove an grease and dust.

Step 2: Applying the Paint and Glitter

I chose some black enamel paint for the guitar and gave it 3 coats of the paint - each coat of paint was applied 2 and a half hours apart. (I painted around the rosette as i liked it but you can buy decal sticker ones in various styles)  After applying the third coat of paint i sprinkled the whole surface with a fine iridescent glitter. I put the glitter in a pepper pot to get an even finish and it stuck to the last coat of paint. 

The paint i used was CarPlan smooth finish Metal Paint in Black. You have to paint quickly with enamel paint as it dries quickly so is prone to dragging.

Step 3: Making My Own Soundbox Sticker

I didn't like the look of the  sticker in the hole of the sound-box so i made my own. I found a vintage image of a moth and edited it in Paint Shop, printed it on photographic paper then glued it on top of the old one.

Step 4: The Finishing

I then gave the guitar its first coat of varnish to secure the glitter and strengthen the surface. I stuck crystal gems on before the varnish had dried then the whole thing had 2 more coats  I also varnished the new soundhole image. Each layer of varnish was applied with a day in between.

Step 5: Strung

When the varnish was completely dry I re-strung the guitar. Et Voilà! 

The guitar looks fabulous! I'm over the moon with it and enjoy playing it all the more!



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    4 Discussions


    4 months ago

    Hey this looks awesome... just a question though... does it sound good after all this paint on its wood?


    8 years ago on Step 5

    This looks Really good! I love the flake finish, it matches the trim around the sound hole wonderfully


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Thank you! I took the risk of it affecting the sound- i also put gems on the moth wings- guess what?... It still sounds lovely! Thank you for my first comment on Instructables! I can see myself becoming addicted to this site!


    8 years ago on Step 5

    I do like how you made your own soudbox sticker. I didn't think of that when I did mine. Great job!