Reading Lights From Cheap USB Lamps




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I needed new reading lights for the headboard in my room. The old ones were loose and wouldn't stay in place. I had some switches and these cheapie USB lights left over from a maker club project so I decided to 3D print a holder for them.

Step 1: Printing the Case

I printed a couple of smaller USB cases for dual purpose task light / phone charging use before so it was easy enough to double up the case.

Hardest part is paying attention to the first few layers to make sure its adhered so you don't end up with a blob.... It doesn't happen too often but when it does it's usually because I'm taking pictures for instructables......

Step 2: Assembly

I designed the box with two countersunk mounting holes that would accept some #8 drywall screws.

I wired it up with some scraps of telephone wire. Then I used a little hot glue to keep the wires safe.

Step 3: Testing

For testing I used a couple of machine screws to hold it together. I used a 5V 800mA power supply salvaged from something I don't even remember. I have a crate full of these orphaned power plugs....

A really simple project but sometimes they're the best ones....



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    4 Discussions

    rjkornUncle Kudzu

    Reply 3 months ago

    I like the simple stuff.
    Quicks projects with an easy payoff....


    Tip 4 months ago

    nice idea but you should add schematic for USB (not everyone knows how to connect it)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 months ago

    Its one of those things I find hard to explain. Most of my stuff is just made without a diagram. I have to go back and make a schematic

    Something like this is simple but I've built stuff with 6 or 7 IC's without a schematic.....