Reading Spinners

What you’ll need:

A lettering plan

1 permanent marker, I used a sharpie and a paint pin

3 square beads, about an inch

2 end beads, any shape

1 dowel, cut to the length of the spinner

Hot glue for the end beads

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Step 1: A Lettering Plan:

I used the word family list at :

to put together combinations of letters, to make words. You can use the ones pictured, or combine different letter combinations for your own child’s needs.

Each column is represents of one block, and one letter goes on each side of the block (except the nt goes together)

Write the letters on the square beads using the permanent marker.

Step 2: ​Assemble the Spinner

After writing the letters on the spinners, attach the first end bead to the dowel with hot glue.

Place the three square beads, in order, on the dowel. Do NOT glue them.

Carefully Glue the end bead to the end of the dowel.

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    3 years ago

    This is very good for early learners! Thanks....going to try for my son


    3 years ago

    Might just make a pile of these for my little girl