How to Make the Outsider Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the Outsider Paper Airplane

Hello every1. This is my first instructable so dont go hard on me. :D I have never thought of crafting an instructable but I am doing this for the "Paper Airplane Contest 3" ( ) and of course the "OrigamiAirEnforcer" ! :D
First of all, I really like planes. The idea of flying is just awesome ! The idea of overcoming your normal force which is caused by your mass is just so great ! No matter how you do it, no matter what you use - basic aerodinamics or a brushless motor with a propeller on it. I have a hobby - R/C planes. I am working on this hobby seriously. But the thing is, I prefer aerodinamics to the motor power.
So I study aerodinamics too.
By meaning study, I am not playing with the numbers - I spend my time on OAE's ( OrigamiAirEnforcer ) channel. I am trying to make paper airplanes. I make lots of paper airplanes and learn a lot from his channel. And of course, I learn from my mistakes too. :D Sometimes I try to engineer a model - I idolize the OAE :P :D Lots of the time, I end up wasting an A4 sheet... :/ But sometimes, when I work hard, I achive my goal. And this instructable ( my first ) is about this kinda achivement.
Some days before, I was thinking of a plane that can fly inside - but outside as well. I have contacted with OAE too. He adviced me to use his old planes. But the planes that he adviced me... Erhm :D Some of them werent capable of flying outside - I tried em. And the other part was... Ugh. I ended up wasting 10-12 A4 sheets. But nothing happened. It was far more complicated engineering. While trying not to annoy OAE, I understood that I had to do something MYSELF. So, using my aerodinamics information that I gained during spending time on OAE's channel,, my school physics teacher, my succesful attempts to construct an R/C airplane and my countless unsuccesful attempts to construct a R/C jet ( :P ) - I have finally constructed a plane that can fly in the middle of wind :
The Outsider.
To confess, it is not designed as a stunt plane. But the magic of aerodinamics just starts here :) With some little modifications, you will see The Outsider  doing stunts like hell ! - Its all about the control surfaces ! :D
First of all, The Outsider  is NOT a sloper. Its can glide but it is not designed as a glider.. So I had the gliding surface and added it to the aerodinamics part - which caused the CoG ( Center of Gravity ) of the plane to move infront of the plane. So, since the CoG is infront of the plane, It can slice through the wind efficiently ! :D I had a really long time with OAE's plane named "Vortex". I have studied the shapes of the aerodinamical wings in vortex. I used it in my plane. So, It is not as good as a normal delta wing in indoors but outdoors It flies really good. The thing is, the user of the plane must throw it INTO the wind ( just like an outdoors model ) so that it can use it's aerodinamics and fly. But it can fly indoors too. And it is really well indoors. But it is excellent outdoors ( 5 STARS WARNING : This model which i am instucting now is without staples. I thought it would be against the rules of the competition. Cause the guy i am racing with didint even used a scissors ... :D So it is an indoors version. If you wanna use it outdoors, contact me please. There is only a little work for it to fly outdoors like hell :D )
And by the way, my plane had 2 models. Cause I know that in someplaces in world, there is thermic winds that can make my plane like a bird and some places have really strong winds that can make my plane hit to the ground really hard. In my counrty, we have thermics :D But I dont know where you live so I thought about it changed it a little bit - not much. But, I am not gonna show it here because of the complicated directions which can mess up your mind and start to bore you. If you want the info ( which is really simple ), contact me.
Anyway from now, i wont talk about my plane nor will I talk about how did i got the idea :D Have fun !
( p.s. I am not a native speaker - so sorry for any mistakes. :/ )

You Need...:
A ruler
A4 Paper
Glue ( extremely optional :P )
A staple ( optional )
( note : We are not using the glue and the staple in this porject. But we can use them to make a real outsider. :D C-C-C-Contact me. ! :D )

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Step 1: The Width Folding

Fold your paper half along its width.

Step 2: The Corner Folding

Hold the two top corners of your paper and make them meet at the center neatly.

Step 3: Folding the Top

Fold the top down.
Then refold the corners to the center.

Step 4: The Aerodinamical Folds

Open the last folds that you have made. ( as shown in the first picture )
Now comes the tricky part. Measure 1 cm from the corner, to the direction of the center. ( I used quite alot picture to make it clear. )
Fold it. ( as shown in the picture )
Then pull the corners till the second folding line. ( as shown & tagged in the picture )
Then make the corners meet at the center.

Step 5: The Fins

Fold your deltawing to half.
Cut it as shown. ( try to give a 30 degree angle. )

Step 6: Folding the Fins & Elevators

Fold the fins UPWARDS.
You are done for the straight flight - For it to loop, cut two elevators while your plane is folded in half.
Open your plane, hold your elevators. Then, fold them DOWNWARDS. Fold them downwards, cause my plane has to be thrown upside-down. :)
Do NOT fold them more then 30d angle ! Or it will cause the parachute effect which will be bad, really bad for a deltawing.. -.- :D

Step 7: D-D-D-DONE :D

You are done ! :D Now you can throw your Outsider and watch it loop ! :D If you have some aerodinamics information, you can use the two elevs. as ailerons which will cause your delta to perform spins !
The throwing is a bit unsual. Its just like the OAE's omniwing throwing proccess but the holding style is reversed. The flat side should be looking upwards and the fins should be looking downwards. Its like the OAE's throwing style but REVERSED. If you have difficulities please contact with me. It is different from OAE's but i am still using his pic :D I cant use my own pic cause I cant use my left hand because of a unsuccessful R/C plane attempt it is heavily wounded :/ I cant use my left hand to take a pic of my right hand, throwing the plane. But I think you got it. If not, please contact me.
I am so sorry to give you some unsufficient info. Hope you understand my situation...
( while throwing it, you maybe want to give it a SLIGHT - NOT MUCH "V" shape. It is shown in the picture. It'll make it fly better. But it will loop much more harder :O )
--- END ---
( p.s OAE - I cant tag my photos ! :O I will try it tomorrow. If I can tag em, I will delete this note. Hope you liked it. :D )

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    Nicely done. This looks like a slick little plane. And congratulations on winning the contest!